Field Botany

Ingrid’s Botanical Field Work Experience

July-Aug22     Alaska tundra, interior

May 2021        Southeastern USA hunting Frasera carolinensis with Yuxin Wei

July 2021        Flaming Gorge, Wyoming

July 2018        Driftless of Wisconsin, Mississippi River banks, Wisconsin.

June 2017        Modoc National Forest, Warner Mountains, California

June 2017        Wichita Mountains, Oklahoma

June 2016        Mendicino National Forest, vernal pools, California

Aug. 2015        Mountains of Alberta, Canada

June 2015        West Virginia Appalachian Mountains

Aug. 2014        Mountains of The Yukon, Canada, Montana and Idaho

July 2013         Sierra Nevada of California and mountains of Nevada

July 2012         Mountains of Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah, and Nevada

June 2012        Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee

July 2010         French Central Massif-Cantal region

July 2009         Austrian Alps and Slovakian Carpathians

July 2007         Northern Germany Emsland-wetland ecosystem

June 2007        Scottish Highlands

July 2006         Northern Germany Emsland-wetland ecosystem

Feb. 1999         Cloud Forests of Oxaca, Mexico

July 1999         Sandhills, Nebraska

1995-1999       Prescribed prairie burning in the spring and fall seasons

1995-2005       Prairie biodiversity assessment in Nebraska

summer 1997  Greater Yellowstone and Tetons