The Beringian Field Botany 575 is No Longer Accepting Applications

Spring 2022 Seminar 575 + July 2022 Field Expedition + Optional Fall 2022 Independent Study 699

Instructors: Drs. Ingrid Jordon-Thaden and Kenneth Sytsma.

Field Assistant/TA: Alexa DiNicola, PhD candidate of UW Madison, Botany.

Come explore the plants of Beringia, the Ice Age land bridge between Siberia and North America, and learn how they evolved in response to changes in that unique region during the Pleistocene glacial cycles. This course series centers on a partially financially supported 3-week field trip to Alaska in July-August 2020; we will visit key sites in Alaskan Beringia, conduct research, collect plant data, learn field botany skills, and attend a major botany conference. Before the trip, in a Spring 2020 seminar, we will explore Beringia’s natural history, human history, and flora. After, in an optional Fall 2022 independent study (Botany 699), we will process and analyze our data, using molecular systematics and biogeography to write a paper for publication. A significant portion of the total expenses is being covered by the Humboldt fund in Botany. Additional financial assistance will be available to those demonstrating need. Spring seminar is required to attend the summer field trip. Course may fulfill research or capstone experience.

Course size: 12 students. Open to undergrads and graduate students. 

Prerequisites: BIO151/152 or BOT100/130 or instructor permission; BOT400 or similar also recommended; must be 18 years old or older.

Application: Admission requires faculty permission, based on an application detailing past preparation and stating how participation in this course would benefit your edu­ca­tion and future career. 

For immediate questions, please email: jordonthaden @ wisc.edu

Previous Teaching Experience of Dr. Jordon-Thaden

General Botany, Botany 130

Survey of Botany, Botany 100

This course I now teach every spring, designed and written by Dr. Linda Graham and Marie Trest.

Biology 152

6 weeks of plant biology, in fall 2020

Vascular Plant Systematics, IB168

I taught this course for two semesters at University of California Berkeley in spring 2016-2017.

How to Identify Plant Families

This four-day workshop I taught within the Friends of Jepson program at University of California-Berkeley to amateur and professional naturalists in the summer of 2017.

ddRADtag Workshop

This 5 day course I designed and taught specifically for the students of my colleague at Juiz de Fora, Brazil, in October 2016.

Systematics of Brassicaceae

Co-taught this course with the Brassicaceae expert, Dr. Ihsan Al-Shehbaz, from the Missouri Botanic Garden in the summer of 2016.

Plant Anatomy and Microscopy, BIO336

This course, I developed and taught one semester at Bucknell University in the spring of 2014.